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  • What is the difference between Art Therapy and Therapeutic Arts.
    People often confuse these two important areas of work and lump them together. It’s important to understand the differences between the two. Therapeutic Art focuses on eliminating stress and anxiety through an creative distraction and is not concerned with analyzing the work or diving into it’s meaning. Therapeutic Arts, Expressive Arts, Arts-In-Health, Arts-In-Public Health facilitators and practitioners undergo different types of certified training that specialize in their specific areas. There is no board certification or licensure for this specific work at this time. Art Therapy focuses on specifically on mental health and examining how the process and the final artwork have meaning and connection in your life and requires board certification to be a licensed art therapist.
  • What types of art can people participate in to help alleviate stress?
    The arts can include visual arts, dance, music, creative writing and performance arts. The focus is on the process and not the final product. Participation can include physical engagement in the activity itself that can provide areas to improve both gross and fine motor skills. But it can also be resourceful for those that don’t want or who cannot participate in physical activity through merely viewing art, watching a live art performance, watching an artist paint, and so on.
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